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Kalen's love of horses began at a very early age.  But it wasn't until she moved to Montana from New Hampshire that she was able to purchase her first horse.  She met Jake, a native of Cut Bank and a fellow animal lover, and they were married in April 2017.  When Kalen had a dream of starting a business in the horse industry, Jake was on board!  They started Sunshine Stables in the spring of 2020. 

Their love of animals is shared by both their kids, Davanee (12) and Desmond (2).

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The facility at Sunshine Stables has a long history of horse breeding, racing, and recreation.  Previously owned by the Weaver family of Cut Bank, the property has been used by horse lovers for many years.  When the McKelveys acquired it in August of 2020, it was renamed Sunshine Stables.  It now includes year round horse boarding, as well as a riding lesson program for students of all ages.  The facility is run by Kalen and her husband Jake, who both desire to carry on a legacy of horsemanship for years to come!

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